My name is Wayne Marsh and I've been going through the personal development mill for a number of years. I've trained with some of what I consider the best trainers in the world of NLP and Hypnosis, resulting in gearing my learning into specific areas like linguistics, somatics, provocation, metaphor, neuroscience, whilst developing my own personal style...


"I love a good problem but the problem is I'm not too keen on the bad ones"

- Wayne Marsh

Ironically, when I first encountered NLP, Hypnosis etc. it was to get better at solving problems which only resulted in some monstrous fekkers... How's that for a game of soldiers? 

The aim of this website is to be my very own personal training ground where I invite you to share in how I apply what I've learned and quote where I learned it from, or if it's my own creation, on both a personal, and professional basis...

"You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor"

- Aristotle


My main area of expertise is in working out ways to apply the stuff I've learned to myself and that's largely because I can be a right selfish MOFO. I do have strong biases for certain methods but have no allegiance to any particular realm of thought. Let's just say I've been there and came back with the T-Shirt for now.

How I do what I do is based around creating feedback systems from multiple areas, sources and methods of practice and experimentation, which I hope to share with my readers.

"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions"

- Leonardo da Vinci

The main intention for Fat, Forty Plus V.A.T & Fucked is for it to become one of those sources of feedback and it's creation is a result of my journey back to my senses. I've recognised how important it is to be honest, with 'me' in doing so. The further I've looked into 'the mind' and then delved deeper into certain social/mental constructs like 'Honesty', 'Integrity' etc the more I've realised how widespread certain 'biases' are in my day to day life...


I'll be coming at what I do from a wide variety of contexts Including a wide variety of thinking processes that led me to those areas. The brain is an extremely powerful organism and a great 'deceiver' when it comes to logic, reasoning, rationale etc. and my focus will be on uncovering my own 'blind spots', weaknesses, failures etc. As well as some of what I consider my strengths, achievements, successes that hopefully offer up food for thought for not only me but anyone else who cares to join in the fun...  

"Sit down and let your consciousness emerge into a creative bombardment of thoughts, ideas, & opinions, and not until afterwards allow yourself to think, Oh shit, why on earth did I just hit the fucking publish button..." 

- Wayne Marsh

Finally you will most likely notice that the content of this website will change, and this will be as I change, and that's quite a lot in some areas, and not so much in others. You may also find that I add/tweak/adjust and even take some things down and put new things up based on where I find myself at certain times...  

Well it is going to be a reflection of me in my life, after all...